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"Psari" Village

το χωριό ψάρι

Psari is perched on the mountains of Gortynia, in the Vytina-Stemnitsa-Karytaina triangle with a view of Mount Lykaio. A village whose inhabitants make history.

For several years now, with their initiatives, great effort and effort, they managed to turn this small mountain village into a place of revival of the tradition and cultural values of Arcadia, having created a beautiful Cultural Center of the Fishermen's Association where excellent cultural events took place and are taking place and events, bringing back and highlighting with beautiful interventions its history and beauties while maintaining its traditional style: Church-Square-Traditional Cafe-paved streets-Traditional alleys-Fountains-Wood ovens-beautiful places to rest with a view all in harmony with nature environment.

These people in the midst of the crisis come together and create the "Polychoro Arkadiani", a model center in the most beautiful part of the village, overlooking Karytaina, in absolute harmony of the natural environment with man. Anyone who visits us feels the real flavors with all their senses, sees our always fresh raw materials and the way they are produced, knows our time-tested, simple, yet so delicious cooking. The highly successful events "The delicacies of the grandmothers", organized by the Athenian club once a year, where the whole village cooked and sold homemade products to 2,000 visitors, were the trigger for the creation of Arkadiani. "Seeing people love these products, the idea was born that we should do something to keep the children in their place and try a business activity". On a plot of 10 acres, the construction and creation of the Arkadiani Multipurpose Center of stone and wood began, with respect for the natural environment and the style of the village.

This is how Arkadiani was created, a company made up of seven young people, fellow locals, giving life to a previously deserted village, supporting local micro-producers and giving the message that the region of Greece also has great potential and values as long as there are people who will believe and they will work hard for them and we at Psari Trikolonon are proud to have succeeded.

Visit us, get to know us and taste our traditional products!

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