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Ingredients: sesame, honey 45%, cranberry. sesame snack..
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Contains 12 pcs. of 60 gr. Pastel Melichio with Black Sesame..
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Χωρίς ΖάχαρηΤα αποξηραμένα φρούτα είναι ένα νόστιμο και υγιεινό σνακ και μας δίνουν τη δυνατότητα να απολαύσουμε τα φρούτα που μας αρέσουν, ακόμη κι όταν δεν είναι η εποχή τους. Οι αποξηραμένοι χουρμάδες έχουν ιδιαίτερα γλυκιά γεύση και αποτελούν μεγάλη πηγή φυτικών ινών, καλίου, σιδήρου, ..
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Frumenty (Sour Trachanas) is a traditional Greek product with great nutritional value. It is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, protein, magnesium, folate, phosphorus and calcium. Due to the extra milk it contains, it is also a suitable food for children. It gives energy, protects the body from osteo..
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Grape must cookies Bag 200gr
2-3 Days
The cookies smells tradition, they are made with olive oil, and we shape them by hand. Ingredients: wheat flour, must, olive oil, orange, soda, sugar, cinnamon, cloves. Without preservatives..
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Dried oregano in a glass jar..
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Organic, still, dry red wine 100% Agiorgitiko Protected Designation of Origin "Nemea" From the mythical Nemea, with organically grown grapes and a traditional identity. It is a dynamic, seductive and representative wine from 100% Agiorgitiko grapes. Classic red vinification with long extrac..
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Our "homemade" sweet spoon grape. It is produced from fresh fruits of the Greek land, boiled with sugar. Also ideal to offer to your guests. Like old times! Ingredients: grape 55%, water, sugar, lemon juice. Without preservatives...
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Favorite traditional sweet, also ideal for fasting. Ingredients: sugar, 26% Almond, flower water aroma. Platinum Quality Award at the Mediterranean Taste Award 2020..
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Ingredients: barley and wheat flour (they contain gluten), water, yeast, salt, malt...
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Ceramic Mill with 100% natural Black Pepper A delicious pepper for meats, vegetables, poultry and soups.It goes perfectly with red meats...
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