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Our Infrastructure

A large beautiful space, with terraces and amazing views, hosts the Restaurant "Oi nostimies tis yagia", where home-made food is served, with pure ingredients, produced, according to the season, from the orchard and the Vegetable Garden of Arcadiani - a large garden two and a half acres, surrounded by trees and flower beds.

A Craftsmanship that produces spoon sweets with fresh fruit, walnut cookies, scaltsounias, dried figs with walnuts, pretzels, trachanas, pasta, herbs, drinks, about fifty types of excellent, pure products, with raw materials from local producers, applying traditional recipes . Products that, apart from the small shop inside the building, are distributed, in beautiful packaging, in many shops in Greece or via the Internet from the website The great success of Arkadiani is the sale of its products in the Duty-free shops of 17 airports.

At the same time, in a specially designed space, the Library was created with 650 rare cookbooks of the 19th century and hundreds of related papers and documents, which can be an important source of research and study, as well as a Museum exhibition area of kitchen utensils and small tools from 1900.


In the outdoor area, the Theater of three hundred seats operates. Cultural events, theatrical performances, painting exhibitions will be held there, helping the development of culture in the area and attracting visitors to experience the goodies of Arcadia. Recently, Arkadiani also took over the building of the now inactive primary school, which was renovated by the municipality, to create a Primary School Museum that will be open to school students and anyone interested in our educational tradition.

Arkadiani operates daily and receives frequent visits from clubs and schools, since it is also offered as a place of knowledge, with children learning to bake bread in the Wood Ovens, preparing noodles and trachanas, cookies "for an older but perhaps wiser way of life". The Arkadiani team undertakes environmental tours with the aim of bringing children into close contact with nature, while the "educational" placemats on the restaurant tables with messages about the Mediterranean diet offer special fodder for discussions about proper human nutrition.

The proposal of Arkadiani is complex, it is a proposal of culture, ecology, but above all substance Visit us, get to know us, try and taste our products.

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