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Arcadiani - Traditional Products

Perched on the mountains of Gortynia, in the triangle of Vytinas-Stemnitsa-Karytaina and in the most beautiful spot of the village of Psari, with a view of the open horizon, Lykaio Oros and the picturesque Karytaina, we created the "Arkadiani" Multipurpose Center a few years ago.

It was inspired by businessman Makis Papoulias, who participates voluntarily, together with a group of people who come from the village. "Choosing the venue was not just an emotional affair, Arcadia was chosen because we wanted to convey the message of the Arcadian lifestyle, which focuses on the simple, essential joys of life, always respecting the principle of moderation. We chose our village not just because it is charged with the memories of our ancestors and our childhood, but because we wanted our business initiative to have the distinctive style of a small organized society that supports these ideas."

It all started with the highly successful events "The delicacies of the grandmothers", organized by the Athenian club once a year. There he cooked for the whole village and sold homemade products to 2,000 visitors. Seeing people love these products, we thought we should do something to keep the kids in their place, and try a business activity. We bought a plot of 10 acres and started to assemble the buildings from stone and wood, respecting the natural environment and the style of the village.

This is how Arkadiani was created, a company made up of six young people, fellow residents, giving life to a deserted village until then, which includes the wealth of products and services that you will discover by browsing our website but also with your physical presence and of course with the getting to know and taste the products we produce.

Arkadiani is passion and love for the place of birth, it is a proposal for nutrition and slow food, the cooking of the four seasons, the support of small producers and the positive way out of the desolation of the region.

It is an original development proposal for Arcadia, we started very difficult and we are optimistic because we see an entire area being revitalized and jobs being created and considered as a model for other areas of our homeland.

Arcadia is an associative name that has prevailed worldwide as the evocation of a simple and achievable bliss, which is intertwined with the concepts of harmony, innocence, joy of life, moderation and a return to the essence. And we, a group of people who perceive this heritage in the same way and come from the same village, created Arcadiani wanting to convey these messages.

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